in Viroqua

What’s Happening?

With so many events taking place throughout the year in and around Viroqua, there’s no end to the unique experiences and opportunities that await you. Whether you’re catching your favorite band, dancing the night away, taking a knitting class, or exploring any other number of ways to get out and about in Viroqua, there’s sure to be something going on to get you moving.

From spring through autumn, the live music never stops in Viroqua. The area streets and parks fill with free, family-friendly concerts and events that will get you dancing and provide endless opportunities to see old friends and to make new ones. If you’re feeling creative, immerse yourself in the array of events centered on celebrating the artists and creators that make Viroqua a dynamic and exciting place to visit and live. Art festivals, gallery tours, and opportunities to create are abundant in this community that embraces creativity.

Centered in the heart of a burgeoning organic food movement and home to generations of traditional farmers, Viroqua celebrates its agricultural heritage through events that link our area’s oldest families to the newcomers to help us honor our common bonds and values.

For those getting older and looking for ways to remain active and involved in the community, Viroqua offers an abundance of events and programs that are memorable and easy on the joints! Viroqua respects and honors its aging population and bridges the generational gap to ensure folks with a lifetime of wisdom and experience can share their gifts with one another and the community.

Viroqua Chamber