About the Viroqua


About the Viroqua Chamber

The Viroqua Chamber is a membership based non-profit organization focused on keeping Viroqua vibrant by strengthening the business community, preserving the history and beauty of the historic downtown district, supporting community-wide events throughout the year, and providing resources to tourists visiting from all over the world. Under the leadership of a Board of Directors and Executive Director, the Viroqua Chamber implements a comprehensive four-point approach to community revitalization: organization, design, economic restructuring and promotion. Each of the four points is represented by a dedicated committee working hard to ensure Viroqua remains vibrant and strong.


The Viroqua Chamber is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the Viroqua community through leadership, facilitation, and collaboration.


Viroqua is a community with abundant choices and unique opportunities.  Located in the beautiful Driftless region, we protect and benefit from our diverse natural resources and environment.  Viroqua values and celebrates its agricultural history and long-standing community traditions while always planning for and embracing its future.     

Viroqua is known as a mecca for outdoor recreation, has a strong locally grown and value-added food system, and offers an abundance of diverse health care and education options.  Its resilient rural economy and model of self-sufficiency make Viroqua a regional center for entrepreneurial activity and innovation.    

The residents of Viroqua are widely diverse in their lifestyles yet find common ground in their ability to work together to accomplish great things.  Emphasizing collaborative leadership and preservation of our history, the community and Viroqua Chamber Main Street continue to involve residents in vital and meaningful ways.  Volunteers of all ages are engaged in ongoing projects which contribute to the sense of well-being for all.


Building upon our mission and vision, our strategic goals align with our commitment to the Viroqua community’s well-being and prosperity. Our goals include:

Fostering Community Collaboration:

We aim to be a catalyst for collaboration among residents, businesses, and organizations, fostering a strong sense of unity and shared purpose.

Economic Resilience:

We work towards ensuring a thriving local economy that supports businesses of all sizes and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

Cultural Enrichment:

Our goal is to celebrate and preserve Viroqua’s rich history, traditions, and diverse cultural heritage while embracing the evolving needs of our community.

Sustainable Growth:

We strive to promote sustainable development and responsible stewardship of our natural resources, ensuring a vibrant future for generations to come.

Accomplishments of the Viroqua Chamber

Over the past two years, the Viroqua Chamber has achieved remarkable successes that embody our commitment to enhancing the quality of life and prosperity within our vibrant community:

Celebrating Viroqua’s Culture:

The Viroqua Chamber’s calendar of 49+ annual events has resulted in an estimated economic impact of $1.18 Million, while highlighting experiences that celebrate our culture, heritage, and sense of community. The return of community events such as the Night Market, Beer and Wine Walks, combined with our support for incredible live music initiatives, not only brings joy to residents but also contributes to the economic vitality of our town.

Fostering Business & Economic Development:

The Viroqua Chamber’s dedication to fostering economic resilience and growth is evident through the 7 ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new and expanding businesses throughout Viroqua in the past two years. We’ve helped with the addition of 15 new and expanded businesses in Viroqua since 2020, and supported over $170,000 in small business grants for our community.

Recognizing Excellence:

Through Chamber nominations, our businesses and partners have received prestigious state awards for Diversity and Inclusion, Historic Restoration, Private Place-Making, and Exceptional Events, showcasing the profound impact of collaboration.

Cultivating Tourism and Sustainable Growth:

As advocates for both vibrant tourism and sustainable growth, we’ve invested in tools that serve dual purposes. Our newly launched website not only strengthens connections within our business community but also stands as a portal for tourists seeking to explore the charm of Viroqua. Our custom-designed walking maps of downtown serve as invaluable guides that invite visitors to discover the unique experiences in Viroqua, and encourage them to return throughout the year. These initiatives reflect our dedication to fostering tourism while contributing to the sustainable growth of Viroqua’s economy and community.

Empowering Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

At the Viroqua Chamber, we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Our role in the development of Viroqua’s Early Learning Center reflects our dedication to providing educational opportunities that empower the young minds of tomorrow while strengthening the bonds of our community, as well as help address the very real need for affordable, quality childcare for young children in the community. The creation of the youth-led Student Unity Network further showcases our commitment to involving young individuals in shaping Viroqua’s future, fostering leadership skills and community engagement. Additionally, our expansion and focus on the Kids Market as a part of the Viroqua Farmers Market gives a platform to budding entrepreneurs, and allows them to learn valuable business skills while showcasing their creativity.

Viroqua Chamber History

In 1989, the Viroqua Revitalization Association was formed to improve the business district and community of Viroqua.  In August of that year, Viroqua was chosen as a Main Street Community, one of the first in Wisconsin to be granted this prestigious designation. The Main Street Program is focused on the principles of economic development set forth by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  In 1995, the Viroqua Revitalization Association joined forces with the Viroqua Chamber of Commerce and became “The Viroqua Chamber ~ A Main Street City”, commonly known as the Viroqua Chamber.


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