in Viroqua

Experience the Heartbeat of Viroqua

Immerse in the vibrant energy of Downtown Viroqua as the city comes alive with the rhythm of music, the aroma of delicious food, and an array of local brews. Welcome to Live in Viroqua, a spectacular outdoor concert series that celebrates the essence of this charming community. Court Street transforms into a stage showcasing talented musicians from various genres, captivating audiences with their soul-stirring performances. Melodies fill the atmosphere and the crowd becomes one, swaying to the music, singing along, and creating an atmosphere of pure joy and togetherness.

As you enjoy the enchanting melodies, tantalizing scents waft through the air. Local food vendors line the street, offering an array of delectable treats that reflect the culinary richness of the region. Satisfy your cravings and indulge your tastebuds in a gastronomic adventure that showcases the best of local flavors. To complement the lively ambiance, a vibrant beer garden awaits, serving a selection of local craft beers. Raise your cup, make a toast, and savor the refreshing libations that pair with the music-filled atmosphere. Share laughter and conversation with friends old and new as you bask in the festivities.

Live in Viroqua not only provides exceptional entertainment but also supports the local community. The concert series serves as a platform for talented local and regional artists to shine, fostering a sense of pride and unity among residents and visitors alike. It’s a testament to the vibrant arts and cultural scene that thrives in Viroqua, showcasing the town’s unique charm.


  • June 3 — Armchair Boogie w/ Friend Dog
  • June 17 — Dead Horses w/ Crooked Willow
  • July 1 — Derek Pritzl and the Gamble w/ Humbird
  • July 13 — Laney Jones and the Spirits w/ Charlieboy
  • Aug. 5 — High Mileage
  • Aug. 19 — NEWSKI w/ Yawo and the Afrofunk Band
  • Sept. 2 — People Brothers Band w/ Good Morning Bedlam
  • Sept. 16 — Frogleg w/ Long Mama