Rummage Sale

Discover Viroqua’s City-Wide Rummage Sale: April 25-27

Uncover a treasure trove of deals and unique finds during Viroqua’s much-anticipated City-Wide Rummage Sale, taking place from April 25-27. Whether you’re eager to declutter or looking for hidden gems, this event brings together sellers and shoppers for a community-wide experience.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendar for April 25- 27th. and join in on Viroqua’s most exciting shopping event of the year. The City-Wide Rummage Sale invites residents and visitors alike to explore the entire town as households open their doors to showcase a wide array of items. It’s a shopping adventure you won’t want to miss! Join the Spring Rummage Sale Event for updates, and post (and preview!) your sales there, and in the Viroqua Area Rummage Sale group.

Shop, Clear Out, or Both:

Are your closets overflowing or attics brimming with forgotten treasures? This is your chance to spring clean and make some extra space while participating in the vibrant tradition of the City-Wide Rummage Sale. Join fellow residents in setting up your own sale and connect with the community.

On the flip side, if you’re an avid shopper or a curious explorer, venture through the streets of Viroqua to hunt for unique treasures, vintage items, collectibles, and more. Each participating household offers a new opportunity to find something special.

Explore Viroqua:

Embrace the spirit of community as you stroll through Viroqua’s neighborhoods, discovering items you never knew you needed. From household goods to antiques, from clothing to books, the possibilities are endless. Engage with sellers and fellow shoppers, and experience the friendly atmosphere that makes this event truly special.

Join the Fun:

Whether you’re planning to host a sale or hoping to find your next favorite item, the City-Wide Rummage Sale is your chance to be part of a Viroqua tradition that brings people together. Spread the word, invite friends and family, and get ready for a weekend of excitement and exploration.

Explore, Shop, or Sell – Be a Part of Viroqua’s City-Wide Rummage Sale! Mark your calendar for April 25- 27.

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