Night Market


The Viroqua Night Market is a beautiful community event held on second Fridays, May-September, during the perfect golden hours and into the nighttime. You’ll get to listen to live music as you eat a delicious dinner from local restaurants and food trucks, grab a beverage (non-alcoholic options always available), browse high-quality vendor booths, and enjoy a warm summer evening. Held in Eckhart Park, the Night Market is right next to the “dragon” playground, perfect for children and families.

Plus, we’re expanding the Viroqua Night Market to FIVE nights in 2023. Join us on the second Friday of each month: May 12th, June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, and September 8th. We can’t wait to see you there!

VENDORS: Please review the vendor guidelines below, then click the link to fill out the online application. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to receiving your application!

Vendor Guidelines

  1. The vendor is the person who owns the business/items being sold.
  2. The vendor must:
    1. carry appropriate licenses and certificates for the products they are selling.
    2. comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. (e.g. cleanliness and accuracy of scale)
    3. have a State of Wisconsin Seller’s Permit.
  3. Sampling Procedures: All samples offered by vendors must meet the following criteria.
    1. be stored in rigid, covered containers until serving
    2. processed foods must be prepared in a licensed kitchen facility
    3. be held and dispensed under clean and sanitary conditions (e.g. toothpicks for sampling)
    4. provide a waste container in a prominent place for use by the public
  4. Quiet-type generators may be acceptable with review and approval by VCMS
  5. No loud or disturbing noises shall be made or actions taken on the grounds which will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other vendors or the public.
  6. Vendors will not be allowed to bring animals into the market for health and safety reasons. The sale or giving away of live animals is prohibited.
  7. Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner to other vendors, customers, and market personnel. Threatening, abusive or harassing behavior will result in a violation and constitutes grounds for dismissal from the market.
  8. The vendor must understand that the Viroqua Chamber Main Street team is empowered to interpret and enforce the existing market rules and to approve or disapprove products.
  9. The vendor must follow all of the market rules. Violation of the rules may result in termination from the market per the VCMS team. Fees will not be refunded to any vendor who is suspended or loses vending privileges.
  10. All vendors must be in their space by 5:15 p.m.
  11. Vendors are not allowed to drive their motor vehicles into any given slot or onto park lawns.
  12. Vendors are responsible for the reporting of sales tax.
  13. All merchandise must be appropriate for all ages.
  14. Vendor selection is designed to provide a variety of food producers, retailers, artisans, craftspersons, etc. at the Market. The vendor selection committee decision is final.
  15. Space is limited. Placement consideration will be given to early applications. All vendor fees must be paid before a space can be assigned.
  16. The Market will assign a location to each vendor. Booths are subject to change per the discretion of the Market. There is no guarantee of the same location in each of the markets.
  17. A demonstration of the art or crafting process is encouraged in all spaces.
  18. Vendor early-tear down is prohibited and may result in non-approval or revocation of invitation to future markets.
  19. Vendors must dispose of all waste and remove all garbage from the site, leaving the space the way you found it.
  20. Approved vendors are responsible for providing the following:
    1. All paperwork and payment as detailed in the application.
    2. Tables, chairs, furnishings, backdrops or any other equipment need for inside their booths.
    3. Tent or canopy. Tents must be weighted or sandbagged appropriately. Tents not required but encouraged!
    4. Lighting inside the booth – twinkle lights or other lighting applications are encouraged!
    5. Proper disposal of in-booth trash.
    6. Clearly marked signage with vendor name.
    7. Notification to and approval by the Market selection committee if the scope of items included on application changes.
  21. Vendors are required to obtain their own liability insurance. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street’s insurance does NOT cover seller’s/vendor’s activities within the booth spaces.
  22. Event is held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, the night market may be delayed, paused or canceled. The safety of our vendors and attendees is our highest priority.
  23. Vendors must contact VCMS staff 48 hours prior to the event if unable to attend. Vendors who do not attend and do not notify may be removed from future markets and may forfeit all market fees.
  24. Photographs, including professional photographs, will be taken during the Markets to be used by the Viroqua Chamber Main Street for marketing purposes. By completing this agreement, you agree to have your likeness, business, and product used for/in any and all marketing purposes and mediums.

Not for Profit Guidelines

  1. Direct sale of general merchandise is not permitted. Self-promotional items reflecting your organization and logo (i.e. t-shirts mugs, pins, books, printed materials, etc.) may be sold with applicable seller’s permit.
  2. Any games or interactive activities need to be submitted with application to the Market committee for approval.
  3. Nonprofit agencies/organizations may not walk around Market soliciting sign-ups, donations, petition signing or distribute materials of any kind.

Food Vendor Guidelines

  1. All food vendors must adhere to food safety guidelines.
  2. All food vendors must display menus with pricing.
  3. Food carts/trucks must be equipped with fire extinguishers.
  4. NO COOKING is permitted under pop up tents.
  5. If used, all food vendors must contain and remove all cooking oil.

Weather / Refund Policy

The Viroqua Chamber Main Street has a strict NO REFUND policy. Refunds will not be issued for any reason, including market cancellation due to inclement weather. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street reserves the right to cancel or alter the market at any point in time to preserve safety.

Vendor Fees:

Early Bird Rates Application & Payment BEFORE May 1st, 2023: $100 Full Season or $25/market
Food Vendors – $175 Full Season or $50/market
Regular Rates: Application & Payment after May 1st, 2023: $125 Full Season or $30/ market
Food Vendors – $200 Full Season or $55/market

2023 Night Market dates: May 12th, June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, and September 8th

One space approx. 10’ x 12’ (some spaces vary) All items must be confined within the space.


Online Application

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